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15th Dec., 2010
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Automatic Chuck Capping Machines

Automatic chuck cappers are designed to place a threaded cap onto a rigid container and precisely torque the cap to a specified application torque. These machines are often used for caps that can only be vertically placed on a container. These capping machines are also used to place caps on containers where containers are very small or irregularly shaped or have wide mouths with flexible side walls. Unlike straight line or "inline" capping machines, the chuck capper provides both the cap and container with a high degree of positive control and very high repeatability. This type of capping machine also solves the problem of particulation of polymer tightening surfaces of other straight line capping methods.

VL25 Capper with Integrated Bulk Sorter

"RoboCap" Small Frame Chuck Capper

Typical Applications:

Spice jars, large mouth jars, small reagent bottles, high precision or high torque nalgene bottles. 

Standard Configurations:

Depending on the application,Euro Pack can offer either a "strip pick off" configuration or a "pick and place" configuration. A strip style capper is quite economical but not suited for all cap geometries. Your sales engineer can guide you to the right choice.

"Pick & Place" Configuration

"Strip Pickoff" Configuration

Standard Features:

-Tubular 304 stainless steel welded frame
-Clear anodized tumbled 6061 aluminum and 304 S/S constructed assembly
-Easy changeover tool-less modular change parts
-Non-scuff chucks for gentle, positive grip
-Color touch screen operator interface panel (3" x 5") with ability to store all operating parameters in up to 50 product profiles.
-Torque adjustment without tools
-Electric bottle height adjustment
-Clear acrylic guard with 304ss lower frame
-Safety interlocks on all guard doors
-Adjustment discharge height 38" +/-2
-Downstream Backup/Jam photo optic with automatic stop/restart
-State of the Art AC servo motor controls

Exclusive Feature:

Integrated Induction Sealer
This is truly an original, unique and value-enhancing idea offered byEuro Pack; a (optional) programmable induction sealing system is integrated with the capping portion of the machine, thereby providing two packaging solutions simultaneously in a very small and economical footprint.

Sorter Selections

Inline Filling Systems Snap Cappers can be provided both with a specific sorter as well as a bulk elevator feeder for maximum efficiency.

For caps with a wide range of geometries.

For flat caps and very large diameter caps

For flat caps and caps with custom geometries.

Other Available Options:

Inline Filling Systems has over a decade of applications and engineering experience. We can provide custom engineered solutions on every capping platform we manufacture.

Hazardous Location Controls
Electrical systems for capping solvents & volatile liquids. 


Utilities and Space Requirements:

Utilities: Electric: 220 VAC /1/ 20 Amps
Air: 15 cfm @ 80 psi, clean dry compressed air

 30" W base footprint (51" W with centrifugal cap chute) x 51" D x 77" H Width dimensions will change depending on cap sorting system.