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15th Dec., 2010
EuroPack Trading Group launch new Product &
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Computorque Automatic Inline Capping Machine

Fully automatic inline capper applies and torques caps onto containers.

Standard Features:

-Capping speed: up to 200 cpm depending on cap size and container configuration.
-Cap size range: up to 120 mm including child resistant caps.
-Container size range: (height) 1-1/2" to 15" (width) 1/2" to 7" in plastic, metal, or glass.
-Stainless Steel frame & panels for cleanliness and durability.
-Mounts over existing conveyor system and includes casters and leveling pads.
-Control panel visually displays operating parameters and messages in 40 characters for concise operator feedback,
-Power bottle height adjustment,
-Pneumatic cap torque control for accuracy and reduction of scuffed caps,
-On Demand Operation: Capper only operates when containers enter the capping zone
-Cap Chute Full sensor: Sorters suspend operation when cap chute is full.

Exclusive Features:

Single Cap Width Adjustment Patented cap tightening system of rotating belts permits single point tool-less cap width adjustment for the fastest changeover in the industry! Time tested technology with 10 years of installations worldwide.
Backup Detection:
Capping operation is suspended when downstream obstructions are detected. Only systems with PLC control have this feature.
Cap Inspect/Reject System:
Cocked caps or missing caps can be detected and the container moved off the production line for a high level of quality control.

Dual Cap Handling Capability This capping machine is capable of running threaded caps, snap caps, and snap-screw caps for extreme versatility.

Sorter Selections

A wide variety of sorters and cap feeders are available for many different types of caps. Your applications engineer will recommend the best sorter for your needs.

For all caps with a wide range of geometries but limited to 70mm.

For flat caps and caps with custom geometries.


Standard Elevator
For small flat caps up to 70mm and slower production speeds

Large Cap Elevator
For large diam flat caps (> 70mm) or high speed sorting of small caps

Other Available Options:

Inline Filling Systems has over a decade of applications and engineering experience. We can provide custom engineered solutions on every capping platform we manufacture.
Corrosion Resistance
Special coatings and frame construction for aggressive packaging environments.
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Hazardous Location
 Electrical systems for capping solvents & volatile liquids. 
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Utilities and Space Requirements:

Utilities: Air: 3 cfm @ 80psi  Electrics: 110V 1p to 220 2p  50/60 Hz
(Other electrics available on request at additional cost.)

 30" W base footprint (51" W with centrifugal cap chute) x 51" D x 77" H Width dimensions will change depending on cap sorting system.