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15th Dec., 2010
EuroPack Trading Group launch new Product &
give full information with Details

Cap Inspection - Container Rejection System

An array of photo-optics (A) examines each capped container to detect presence of cap on bottle and that the cap is below the plane of inspection. Caps that are above plane ("cocked" or untightened caps) and bottles without caps are rejected by an air actuated arm (B) onto a rotary accumulation table (C).  Note: the reject station of this system can be sold separately for use with third party check weighers, metal detectors, video inspection systems and any other QC systems requiring a rejection device.
A. Inspection Station B. Reject Station C. Accumulator

Standard Features:

-Self teaching control system for ease of setup.
-Control system in NEMA4 stainless washdown box.
-All sensors and connectors washdown capable.
-Flow control on reject station for gentle handling of rejected product.
-Custom transition railing and bridge to rotary accumulation table.
-All stainless construction rotary turntable (size dependent on application) more details

Other Available Options:

Hazardous Location Controls
Electrical systems for capping solvents & volatile liquids. 

Utilities and Space Requirements:

Utilities: Air: 1 cfm @ 80 psi, clean dry compressed air Electric: 110 VAC / 3 Amps

 24" W x 83.5" H

Line Drawing: