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15th Dec., 2010
EuroPack Trading Group launch new Product &
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Automatic Plugging Machine (Plugger)

Automatic plugger is designed to vertically place a fitment onto or a plug or stopper into the mouth of a container. These fitments and plugs typically cannot be applied to the container at angles associated with conventional snap capping machines or straight line capping machines. Moreover, the containers that these plugs and fitments are being applied to are typically quite small and require specific bottle handling changeparts like timing screws and the starwheel shown below.

Standard Features:

-Tubular 304 stainless steel welded frame
-Clear anodized tumbled 6061 aluminum and 304 S/S constructed assembly
-Easy changeover tool-less modular change parts
-Color touch screen operator interface panel (3" x 5") with ability to store all operating parameters in up to 50 product profiles.
-Electric bottle height adjustment
-Clear acrylic guard with 304ss lower frame
-Safety interlocks on all guard doors
-Adjustment discharge height 38" +/-2
-Downstream Backup/Jam photo optic with automatic stop/restart
-Reliable and maintenance free camco indexing system

Other Features and Options:

Custom Sorting Equipment
Plugs and fitments require very specific sorting systems with customized tooling. We provide only the most reliable and proven systems in the packaging industry.

Other Available Options:

Euro Pack has over a decade of applications and engineering experience. We can provide custom engineered solutions on every capping platform we manufacture.

Hazardous Location Controls
Electrical systems for capping solvents & volatile liquids. 


Utilities and Space Requirements:

Utilities: Electric: 220 VAC /1/ 20 Amps
Air: 15 cfm @ 80 psi, clean dry compressed air

 30" W base footprint (51" W with vibratory sorter x 51" D x 77" H Width dimensions will change depending on plug sorting system.

Line Drawing: