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15th Dec., 2010
EuroPack Trading Group launch new Product &
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Euro Pack Trading Est. Ltd., is headquartered in the UAE and is dedicated to growing the packaging industry with inovative designs and technology. Euro Pack provides the best value and highest quality packaging equipment in the world.

SS-502 High speed arch strapper


SS-502 High speed automatic arch strapper.

the model SS_502 is afully automatic strapping machine with servo drive motors andPLC. The SS-502 strapper can run 5,6,7,8,9 mm strap width and cycle at 50 straps per minute.


Available models ...

SS-502 - Featured
TP-101AP with Pneumatic Top Compression Cylinder to Compress Package and Automatic Arch Type PLC Controled.
TP-101SS Stainless Steel Frame Automatic Arch Type PLC controld.
TP-101PR Fully Automatic Arch Type, Power Roller Table PLC Control, 3 Photo eyes. This system is good for packages over 30 lbs.
TP-101PB Fully Automatic Arch Type, Power Belt Table PLC Control, 3 Photo eyes. This system is good for under over 30 lbs.



Power: 110 volts - 10 amps - single phase

FOB: San Dimas CA
Crated dimensions:
Machine dimensions: