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15th Dec., 2010
EuroPack Trading Group launch new Product &
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Euro Pack Trading Est. Ltd., is headquartered in the UAE and is dedicated to growing the packaging industry with innovative designs and technology. Euro Pack provides the best value and highest quality packaging equipment in the world.


Stainless Steel Shrink Tunnels


Euro Pack Trading Est. Ltd. a world leader in the manufacturing of shrink tunnels is pleased to offer a complete line of Stainless Steel Heat tunnels. All of Euro Pack Trading Est. Ltd. tunnels feature fully re-circulating air chambers with variable air velocity controls, Digital temperature controls, AC variable speed drive 0 to 130 FPM, automatic cool down and shut off, Live roller rod conveyors, Locking casters with leveling pads. Available in tunnel heights from 6 to 24, widths from 18 to 45. Optional conveyors of live roller, Teflon mesh belt, stainless steel metal mesh belting or Heavy duty Falcon belting.

Available models ...

All models are also available in Stainless Steel.



Varies with model

FOB: San Dimas CA
Crated dimensions:
Machine dimensions: