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15th Dec., 2010
EuroPack Trading Group launch new Product &
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Check Weigher Index
Euro Pack Trading Est. Ltd. is pleased to offer a automatic check weighing system for both accurate weight control and the assurance that your product is free of metal contaminates all in a single source. This system features the superior performance and accuracy of a Thermo Scientific checkweigher with the high sensitivity of a metal detector with a minimal space requirement.
Inline Check Weigher

Inline Check Weigher

The Eagle series of checkweighers offers a heavy duty stainless steel frame construction, touch screen control interface, 20 program memory, variable speed conveyor, advanced analog to digital sensor ensures accuracy. A large variety of sizes to accommodate any product size. Speeds up to 80 ppm. Models with weight ranges from 1 gram to 25 kg.

Metal Detector with Checkweigher Combination

Metal Detector with Checkweigher Combination

The metal detector and check weigher combination machine offers the combination of metal detection and check weighing all on one common frame. A large variety of sizes available to accommodate any package size.